This flashlight was exactly as described. The instructions were easy follow and the light is easy to use. It was exactly what I wanted and is very powerful for such a small pocket size light.

Just received this light. Looks even better than expected. Would recommend to all to get this light.

The flashlight is very bright and I love it. My only issue with this is that purchased it because of the rechargeable battery. The issue being the battery will not charge. It worked with the rechargeable battery for a few days and after the battery died I went to recharge it but did not work. The light works great with the AAA adapter but would really like a new rechargeable battery. Would not have purchased if I knew this was going to be a problem. I know the charger is. It the issue as I have another similar charger and that one would not charge it either.

I just wanted to leave a quick note here. The best feature of this light is that it defaults, when you turn it on, to the brightest setting. You don’t have to go through all 5 modes to get the bright setting back for the next use. All you do is wait aprox 30 seconds and when you turn it back on, it is in the bright setting. If you are buying this for your car and want it to turn onto the quick flashing (defense blinding) mode, look for another flash light that you physically have to advance by turning it on and off.

This light is quite bright and is as well made as any of the multitude of others that you see here on Amazon. You can buy brighter non-LED lights, but this is bright enough for anything that you would use (a better than) average flashlight for. The rechargeable battery give long usage between charges (longer life depends on which mode you have it set in). The zoom focused light feature work great with an easy push/pull on the outer ring.

Don’t buy this light for the case. It’s flimsy (I just threw mine away). That said, I’m on-line here at Amazon to buy an additional two lights to have in reserve!

This is a fantastic value for you $$.
Brightest LED Tactical Flashlight,SDFLAYER T6 High Powered Handheld Torch with Rechargeable 18650 Lithium Ion Battery and Charger , 5 Modes Zoomable Adjustable Focus For Hiking, Camping, Emergency