After using it for about a week, it start to make noise.

This was great….while it lasted….which was only 3 weeks. First the top broke off as I lifted it out of the base (nothing aggressive, just picked it up) but it was still useable so I used it. Only to wake up and find it sitting in a puddle of water that was leaking from the base. I routinely dumped the water daily, disinfected it weekly and now have a product I can’t use. I contacted the seller but no response. Won’t be buying this again.

Been working flawless for about 4 months now, no issue/leaks, easy to refill water. When turned to max, it has enough water to last the night

This broke after a few months of use.
Crane Drop Shape Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, Model# EE-5301 – White