works great

Haven’t done the runs, but did check the connectivity on each end.. This will do the job I need to complete.

Good patch cord. This was not long enough so I returned it. Made well.

I purchased this cable for use with an active usb over ethernet adapter. It didn’t work. Upon discovering that the adapter would work with a shorter cable I thought perhaps if I shortened this cable (which was longer than I ultimately needed) it might work. Upon cutting the cable to terminate I discovered that it didn’t even contain twisted pairs, just a bunch of untwisted conductors running loosely through a jacket. Fortunately, I had ~100′ of CAT5 laying around that I was able to terminate and it worked flawlessly where this cable wouldn’t.

It appears from other reviews that this cable has worked for others in different applications but, after having seen what’s on the inside, I would not use it for anything.
Importer520 CAT/5-100FT Patch Ethernet Network Cable 100-Feet for Pc, Mac, Laptop, Ps2, Ps3, Xbox, Blue