Bought item described as “Used – Like New” and received a physically flawless device (couldn’t find even a tiny scratch or scuff even under a super bright light. Only thing that disqualified from being “New” was not coming in retail packaging. Phone arrived in an anti-static shock-absorbing sleeve with a nicely packaged charger, headset, and battery. My local store gave me a SIM card and activated it on my account in no time I was up and running. Super happy with the purchase especially for the price, and I don’t think there’s anything the S4 isn’t capable of that the newest smartphones are, other than spontaneous combustion.

Seems that some of the issues people have been having with international devices is probably related to the seller — would probably be good to check their page before purchasing. I’m more than satisfied.

This phone doesn’t work with A sprint network…it’s made for Yemen

Phone works but i took it to sprint store guy work on for a long time but it come from YEMEN MOBILE it is impossible to work in the sprint network

It works fine, except often I get a warning about the SM card. The battery drains pretty quickly too.
Samsung Galaxy S4, Black Mist 16GB (Sprint)