If there were a 0-star rating, I’d give them one. They are selling some cheap imitation wood beads coated with some kind of chemical as “sandalwood”! The beads lost their luster within a few days and started turning green. They smelled like treated lumber, which is what I think they are using and pawning off as sandalwood. These beads are NOT sandalwood.

I’ve asked them to send me real sandalwood beads this time… we’ll have to wait and see. Maybe I will be back to change my rating and comments.

I love this bracelet! It’s beautiful and I’m constantly getting compliments on it. Great value for such a beautiful bracelet!

Great accessory for halloween costum.

Very nice. It offers a sense of spiritual connection when wearing on one’s wrist and also functions as easily rotating worry beads for those times when one is psychologically tremulous.
Tibetan Buddhist Green Sandalwood Beads Prayer Mala