I’m finally writing a review after owning exactly four of these over the span of 2 years. I’ve already gotten a replacement from jawbone on that fourth time, but it was enough frustration that I ended up going for a Garmin fitness tracker instead. So, the most obvious design flaw here is that this tracker is easy to break. The rubber sleeve that goes around the metal bracelet itself inevitably stretches, extending out beyond the edges of the tracker. On my first tracker, I ignored the excess rubber: bad idea. Eventually it stretched so far that it passed the action button and I could no longer press it. Pressing it too hard eventually broke the tracker and I went to #2. On #2, I actually tried to *trim* the rubber carefully as it stretched over the edge of the button. Also wrong. Water/sweat/some kind of liquid made it’s way into the crevice of the button that was no longer protected by rubber, and it shorted out. I purchased #3, and that tracker flat-out broke right in the middle, two separate chunks of metal or plastic protected by a stretched, limp rubber sleeve. Jawbone has excellent customer service and I received a newer model UP…but by that time my girlfriend had purchased me another fitness tracker that has for the past three months caused me no issues. Overall, this tracker has a great app but this piece of equipment is not really usable for a long period of time.

Doesn’t last long and is the worst at staying connected to the phone. The app is annoying too. Invest a little more and get a Garmin or Fitbit.

I have had one of these before and it worked great. This one for someone doesn’t hold a charge. I put it on the charge this morning and had it on there all day. It said 14 days and then I looked at the battery it said 3 days. I put it on the charge for 5 minutes to see what it would do and now says 13 days. I am disappointed and out $26.

Don’t waste your money…
UP 24 by Jawbone Activity Tracker – Large – Persimmon (Discontinued by Manufacturer)