Amazing! after all the negative reviews (and including the fact this is most definitely a knockoff), I was prepared for the worst. However I ended up wonderfully surprised, the buttons, while not silent, click perfectly, the roller ball works fine, the gears aren’t for me personally, but also work, basically it’s as good or better than the real thing, and much cheaper as well.

Really disappointed in this. Yes I knew I was buying a cheap knock-off of the Kickstarter version. Even accepting that this one stinks. The rocker switch has an awkward movement. It is anything but smooth. It is also a three position switch that frequently gets stuck in the middle position. The joystick pushes in too easily and at the same time is too difficult to move side to side. It constantly collapses inward rather than moving around. The “spin” side doesn’t move at all. It just stuck. The roller ball was very very stiff at first, but has loosened up with some use. The “breath” side has barely any depression too it at all. It might as well be flat. The 5 clickly buttons so feel and sound quite satisfying. That’s really the only good thing I can say. Basically you get 1 and a half good sides to this cube. The rest is poorly executed.

First off, I knew it was a replica going into, but I’m still left disappointed.

The metal roller ball doesn’t click, and it rather tough the roll.

All 5 of the buttons are the same and very loud to click.

The joystick barely moves side to side, and actually had more vertical movement than it does horizontal.

The switch is very stiff and super loud.

The wheel turn is unbearably stiff and not pleasant to move at all.

I wanted this to ease my mind while in class, but that’s definitely not gonna happen since everything is so loud and uncomfortable that it actually might distract me even more.

Got this for someone with Alzheimer’s. Would be 5 but cheap looking and small so he’s always dropping it. It does help him a little though
VHEM Fidget Cube Relieves Stress and Anxiety for Children and Adults, Anxiety Attention Toy