Perfect! These did the job

I used this bag to add to the bag I had, not refill, because it had really gotten flat. I was able to add most of the bag and after a couple days put the rest in as they do settle or smash down some. Did the job.

I was disappointed at the amount of fill that was in the bag. I had two bean bag chairs that were in a need of more beans. I thought this bag would do the trip since but chairs were over half way filled. This bag of fill only filled one of the chairs. I was completely disappointed. So, instead, I used some Styrofoam peanuts that are used for packing products. We had several bags of these at work from packages and they worked perfectly!! And, for free!!! I can’t believe the amount I paid for this “giant” bag of fill.

Works awesome just
Comfort Research UltimaX Beans Refill, 100 Liters