This mask is goes on easy and wash off easy as well, it reduces my acne over night, it will last me for quite sometime as a little goes a long way. No regrets

I don’t have bad acne, but I have the occasional bumps and it can get bad sometimes. When you put it on it is very cool, and smells very clean! I love how it feels on my skin. Follow the directions for how long to keep it on, and when you first get it it’s okay to use it two days in a row, but anymore after that my skin got irritated. So I use it every two days and it works wonderful. If I feel like I have more pimples I use it more often, but it works great. I even bought a jar for my boyfriend!

I got to use this once on my travels. It was hard to spread on because the clay was thick and tough. I did not get the chance to use it again as I accidentally put it in my carry on and it was confiscated.

I love this mask! My skin feels soft, it looks smooth, and it helped clear up my acne.
Dead Sea Mud Mask 8 oz, Melts Cellulite, Treats Acne and Problem Skin, Also Acts as Pore Minimizer and Wrinkle Reducer, By Premium Nature