Does not hab the opción for swimming

Have been using this for ~48 hours now and I love it. Was really torn about what sort of ‘smart watch’ to get as my running / cycling activities became a little more competitive. Does exactly what I want it to: total distance, total time elapsed, mile splits (one reviewer said this feature was missing, maybe he/she had this option turned off? Because my mile split times pop right up as I hit each mile on a run, and the info is available to look at afterwards on the watch/app/online), pace, current heart rate, and functions as an all-day activity and sleep tracker (though I don’t anticipate using it for the sleep tracking). I highly recommend this as a beginner (or probably even moderate/advanced) smart watch! Intuitive to use after a couple run-throughs, connects to the Garmin Connect seamlessly, and the Garmin Connect online web portal. Notifications (text, call, email) to the phone works within a few meter (?) range, easy to turn this on/off if worried about battery or being generally annoyed by notifications constantly streaming in.I’m fairly petite so this watch may seem large on my wrist, but the strap is completely adjustable and comfortable, and it doesn’t look ridiculous, just like ‘oh she has one of those smart watches’. Will write an updated review if my mind changes!

Christmas gift to an athletic 16 year old granddaughter. She wears except in shower and loves it!

Bought this for my son who is a Freshman in HS and running XC/Track. He wears it constantly and loves the mass amount of information that we are getting from it. The band is really comfortable. Highly Recommend.
Garmin Forerunner 35 Watch, Black