This product does not perform as stated. Very very disappointed. Do not purchase.

Nothing more than soapy water.

I had a few pieces of jewelry I wanted to clean and spruce up. I purchased this cleaner not knowing much about it. I have cleaned approximately 10 pieces of jewelry so far. They look beautiful. This product is so easy to use too. Just love it.

Great product!

I like this cleanser– it’s nice, safe, and gentle. However, I took one star off because I noticed that after using it on some of my jewelry, they turned copperish and appeared even more tarnished. One of my necklaces even started chipping. 😦 I don’t know if it was because of the cheapness/low-quality of the jewelry or if it was the cleanser’s fault. There is some jewelry that I noticed turning copperish/”greenish” even after only using soap and water to clean, so it may not have been the cleanser. I was still not expecting it to do this, however. I mean, after all, I bought the cleanser so I wouln’t have to use soap and water. :/ Still, I did notice that some of my jewelry turned more shiny after using it– my gold chain looked golder than ever and my silver more silver than ever. In my opinion, it works best on silver (any silver, but especially the higher-quality silvers such as sterling). I did not notice that big of a difference in the jewelry that was already badly tarnished (probably need a stronger one), but I will continue to buy this one because I trust its safeness and its ability to make jewelry clean so that I will be comfortable wearing them.
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