I thought I was getting a handle and blades got blades only.

Love the feeling after shaving with Venus. No cuts, no razor burn, just smooth skin.

I like the Venus Embrace at first because it’s gentle on my sensitive skin, but the refill blades tend to get dull faster than other razors I’ve tried and I end up getting red bumps from ingrown hairs on my legs. Even when I replace the refill often, this still happens. They’re not awful, but I’ll probably keep looking for a razor that stays sharper longer.

I love this razor. Of course, I don’t like shaving, I don’t think anyone does, and it’s not the best method of hair removal but for a razor this one is great.

This is the only razor that I have ever used that NEVER cuts me, no matter how rushed I am. It doesn’t really give me razor burn either like other razors have. It will start to drag a bit when it needs to be replaced, really that is the only way that I know it needs to be replaced because it lasts for quite a long time (Please see photos, the old one last for ONE YEAR).

It’s quite expensive! I paid $14 for a 4 pack of replacement blades. I will say, though, that all of the quality blades seem to be pricey and I will never get another cheap razor and slice up my legs. They last forever too, so the price isn’t even really that bad.

I have tried the disposable Venus Embrace and also the Sensitive skin versions of this razor and neither work as good as the original. The original is the only one I will swear by. I will say that you need to hang the razor up with the wall mount that it comes with. I have ruined brand new razors before by laying it blades down on the shelf in the shower. If you do this the moisture strip swells up with water and then dries that way. Then the strip is raised up so much that the blades can no longer get close enough to your skin, so make sure you mount it on the wall to dry between uses.

I would love to get laser hair removal or something more permanent but as far as shaving goes, I don’t think you are going to get any better than this! I shave two legs for 2 minutes – what a time saver!

As well, when the package arrived, I received a coupon – very convenient!
Gillette Venus Embrace Women’s Razor Blade Refills, 4 Count