they broke the first time using them. Remember you get what you pay for

This is a second pair we bought. The first pair broke after a lot of rough handling by a toddler and later a preschooler. I was really surprised by how long the first pair lasted that’s why decided to buy the same product again.

I bought these for my son to use at school. They quit transmitting sound after normal use with the computer and iPad after a couple months. They are a good fit and worked well at first.

My son (now 10) really likes these and is a heavy user of the product. They broke in an area that I could not fix. I contacted the company and they stood behind their product 100%. I would say it is a 4 star product for the price, which is very good. I gave the 5th star (excellent) based on their customer service.
Kidz Gear Wired Headphones For Kids – Green