This has quickly become a must have in my home. I find that I have been using it 2-3 times a week. Once past the learning curve, it truly is a joy to destroy those wrinkles. Shirts and pants both come out as if they came from the dry cleaner.

Word of advise though, look up “how to use elna press” on youtube. There are several videos that show you garment placement for different types of clothing. Once I saw these videos, my clothes come out near perfect every time.

My recommendation is to use this unit in conjunction with an upright steamer such as those produced by Rowenta, JiffySteam, etc… Although not necessary, the upright steamer offers some things that you just can do with a press. I use both myself and have completely done away with trips to the dry cleaner and the best part is that you can’t even tell. My cloths always have that crisp from the dry cleaner look.

Seriously thought, If you are going to buy this unit, watch the how to vids that I recommended. It makes a word of difference. Learn how professionals use these style units. Do this and “READ THE MANUAL” and you will fall in love with this unit just as I have.

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i am extremely disappointed with this product. Used it 3 times and the holes rusted up. I cannot use it anymore and it looks like it cant be returned. Hoping to get some feedback from amazon about returning this product. Ive had it only for less than 2 months

This steam press is perfect for the size. I have it on a study (verify important) table, 4′ folding table. It’s all in how it’s used. I had purchased spray starch, but didn’t need it at all. Depending on the amount of pressing, the water compartment had to be refilled. Love it!

Good product but I wish the pressing section was a little bigger
SINGER ESP-2 Magic Steam Press with 100 Pounds of Pressure and Adjustable Steam