A++++++ easy on, easy off for the kids. NO MORE tying shoe laces…..

Works perfect!!!

Do not get tight enough.

These shoelaves look great mostly, but the smallest one is not small enough, so it bows up and makes the whole set look fake. I have size 13 shoes, so nothing about my shoes should be too small. They’re just Sperrys. They need to have one smaller lace in this set, and they could probably eliminate the largest one because I didn’t even need to use the top three longest for my size 13 shoes.
3 Pairs Lazy No Tie Silicone Shoelace, Oumers Rubber Elastic Slip Sneaker Shoe Laces Running Shoelaces Athletic Shoe laces 16pc/pair, 1 pair Black + 1 pair White + 1 pair multi color