I am in love with this thermometer. Before purchasing, I downloaded the app just to make sure that was figured out before spending close to 60$ for something that may or not work. I did have an issue with registration, but the developer got right back to me and reassured me that the problem was fixed, which it was. I set my phone alarm to go off the same time every morning so that I can get precise measurements and also as a reminder for my vitamins. The app is extremely user friendly and you can see that the thermometer is extremely sensitive, although it does take some time for a reading. If you find this to be an issue, change your phone settings so that your phone doesn’t go into standby mode for at least 5 minutes. The thermometer does what it is supposed to and makes it extremely easy to take your BBT. I have recommended the product to several friends and I am extremely happy I made the investment for it.

Very good and useful.

One thing I don’t like which is taking too long to capture the tempature about (3 mins) but overall is really amazing app + device

Purchased this and it worked great for the first couple days. After using it for about a week, there was an update on the app which has caused it not to open, it just crashes right away. I have IOS and there are many other reviews of the app crashing. You cannot use the thermometer without the app. Very disappointing as there is no option to return this item.

The app keeps crashing after 7 days of use. You can’t use the thermometer without the app because there is no reader on the thermometer itself. Save yourself the hassle and buy a real basal thermometer.
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