I would have given a better rating except for two things that don’t work well together (1) The metal supports come in three sections and (2) only four 1 1/2 inch screws. While the three sections get connected with “connectors” I am not sure they will really hold together as one popped off while I installed the unit. The kit included six 2 inch screws for dry wall installation (one for each section), but these were too long for back of door installation (I did not use over the door hooks as that would look tacky from outside). Even if it where one long piece, 2 more screws would be ideal (top, middle, bottom). In the end I used 4 extra screws I could find in the house and I would have preferred 2 for each section had the shape of the door cooperated (how much did they save themselves by including fewer screws?). Otherwise, easy to install and shelves seem to secure well and hold heavier objects. If someone sells a version with two continuous supports rather than 3 sections – I suggest buying that instead (even if it means a trip to the local hardware store).

We have two of these now. They are on different closet doors. They are simple and inexpensive and hold stuff.. What more do you want? Both of mine are installed on interior builder-quality doors (basically high end cardboard) and they are fine. We have filled them up with all the shelves and they are just fine. They put more wieght on the door and we do take care not to load it up too much. We also installed them shifted toward the hinge to decrease any torque pressure being put on the hinges. But we have had one installed for years and it’s been fine. No visible door movement or strain. There are likely “prettier” ones, but this is intended to be hidden in a closet and they are white, they look fine.

It is a big space saver. Love it.

This is great if you don’t have a pantry in the kitchen! great space saver too!
ClosetMaid 1233 Adjustable 8-Tier Wall and Door Rack, 18-Inch