Arrived on time. I was expecting a bit sharper blade but it still did the job. It’s more a shaving blade than exfoliating blade.

Great love these

I really like these. It takes away facial hair easily without cutting my skin.

My facial hair is longer and darker than your average peach fuzz. Threading, waxing, and epilating left my skin covered in pimple-like bumbs. But shaving with these has been a game changer! I just love that i can remove my facial hair myself and in my home without spending money!! I’ve been using this for about 2 months (shaved 4 or 5 times) and have not broken out in bumps!

I had a few bumps the first time I used it, but not after the second (my skin probably had to get used to it) But everyone’s skin is different, so I recommend you try a small area first before doing your whole face to see if you get a bad reaction. I shave with almond or rosehip oil about once or twice a week after cleansing my face. I cleanse my face again afterwards and apply a face mask. Michelle Money has an amazing instructional vid on youtube!
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