My granddaughter recently had the flu. She was at my house 12 hrs. a day x 4 days. It began with 104.0 fever. I diffused this blend every day while she was with me and after she went home. So far, so good. I didn’t catch it. I also massage a couple of drops of frankincense with a dab of carrier oil on the bottom of my feet every day. I like the quality of Edens Garden E.O.s and they have wonderful customer service.

Smells good and if this is anywhere close to being like Young livings Thieves I am excited. Young Livings Thieves worked better for me than Do Terra’s On guard. I am hoping it is of the same quality and works as well because it is more affordable. Have not used enough yet to say one way or another.

It is good as I expected

Pleasant, almost therapeutic scent. Edens Garden is my essential oil go-to, since I discovered them. I’d recommend them to anyone seeking essential oils.
Four Thieves Synergy Blend Essential Oil by Edens Garden (Comparable to Young Living’s Thieves & DoTerra’s ON GUARD blend)- 10 ml