We have had this stroller for about a year. I will tell you what I find to be great about it and not so great as a dad.


It has three wheels which makes it easy to steer, I can even steer it while walking the dog.

It has a nice canopy that can be moved depending on the angle of the son

The cupholders and little pouch are perfect for a drink and putting your phone or some pacifiers

It folds up quickly and into a pretty small footprint

it seems to be comfortable for a baby or toddler

The brake functions quite well

The carseat isn’t too difficult to figure out and sits really snugly into the base

It reclines to a flat position, although we never used it too much, we just did a normal recline


You have to click it in three spots when clicking into the stroller and that is not always the easiest thing to do

It is not easy to fold while holding a baby

It doesn’t really have a nice tray for the toddler to hold onto like most strollers, instead it has a bar that he can barely reach

It is a little low to push for a 6’5″ male

The basket underneath is pretty useless, we can’t fit our diaper bag, and really can only maybe fit a jacket or two

The seatbelt buckles on the carseat are not the easiest to change when the baby grows

The latch on the base does not loosen easily at all when trying to remove a base, I’ve had numerous people have issues with this in our family

There is no headrest like the newer carseats have so his head would go to the side quite a bit

The carseat gets fairly heavy as the baby grows

Overall we love the quality of graco products so I would recommend this stroller, however I hope you’ve read some of the cons just so you know what to look at if you go to browse this in store before buying online.

Graco doesn’t make their strollers as sturdy as before. The space below is useless BC it ripped when putting something very light in. The cup holder falls off so much that it was useless too. I ended up just removing that. The seat doesn’t ever sit completely up or lay completely flat. The canopy part falls off easily. The cup holder for the baby drops cups regularly. Seriously terrible stroller.

Very nice combo. I knew nothing about strollers or infant car seats but this combo has proven to be very durable and easy to use.

Very light – convenient
Graco Aire3 Click Connect Travel System, Gotham