The grandson should love it, it seems to roll pretty easy. Once he figures out how to move it he will be gone! Product looks to be high quality!

When we started looking for a walker for our granddaughter, safety was our first priority. She’s ten months old and is getting more active by the day. The base on the Joovy Spoon Walker is wide and tip proof. Besides being highly rated, the reviews we read were all positive. We like that we can put her favorite toys and books on the extra large tray and can change them when she starts to lose interest. Her mother loves the portability and the ease of adjusting the walker. It’s a great place for afternoon snacks and clean up is a breeze. We consider our purchase a win-win and since we picked a neutral color, the next grand baby will also get miles of enjoyment too.

Perfect hight for my 4 month old to strech out his legs, love how large the top is and I can switch out toys or treats as needed vrs the same toy always be stuck in place.

I wouldn’t buy this. On their website, it looks great but once you buy it you realize, it is impossibly low for your baby to utilize it. It doesn’t function as a walker and not good as a high chair. Better off getting a real high chair and a better walker. Do your research.
Joovy Spoon Walker, Greenie