My favorite summer shoe. Hands down.

I love my sandals! I use them for going everywhere: to the beach, for hiking, for walking by the boardwalk, etc. Although they fit a little bit small, they are very comfortable. When I travel out of the country for outdoor activities I take them with me.

I ordered a half size up and it fits perfectly and I can wear a sock if I needed too…Sometimes when travelling (especially the airport) I like to wear socks to avoid my bare feet on the gross floors. I also like that there are no strings. I just tuck the cord underneath the the cords on the top of my foot to avoid it getting caught on anything.

I’m looking forward to a Keen sandal that is strappy and really girly looking for people who don’t want their toes completely exposed all the time.

I love them they’re perfect fit
KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandal