Feels so nice! I bought this because a lot of people recommended it to me! I would like to try the strawberry one though.. maybe when I finish this one!!

My skin is so soft!! I have very sensitive skin and although the product is abrasive it doesn’t hurt or irritate me. The amount for the price is a great deal, too – you only need a little for each use and I’ll probably only use it once every week or two.

I use this twice a month, because when you use it, your skin feels as though you literally took layers off, but in a good way, like shedding layers of clothing on a hot day. I recommend using this at the most once a week, because it really does do it’s job and too much exfoliating is not a good thing.

This is my second time purchasing this sugar mask. What I like about it is that SkinFood uses actual sugar in the scrub, so there’s no plastic tiny beads in there to do the exfoliating. The environmentalist in me is relieved. I’m looking into their other products to purchase, which will happen when the item(s) I have that SkinFood would replace runs out.

Love the black sugar mask. It clears my pores and makes my skin feel soft and clean. I highly recommend this and will try other Skin Food mask products such as the strawberry one.
Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off Exfoliator, 3.53 Ounce