I’ve yet to see how well these perform in terms of smell removal, but the form-factor is really nice. They seem to have a faint smokey/burnt wood smell but only if you smell the bag directly.

I use this in the bathroom and bedrooms that are closed all the time. It works well.

After a few days I notice a slight improvement in car oder by having one under front passenger seat. Going to try moving it and see if that will help. One I put in small bathroom with litter box and it does help some. Want to put it on vent in top of litter box but cats keep pulling it out and chewing on it. So I have it hanging on back of door knob.

Already working. Hung above kitty litter this morning and it is already killing the smell.
4 Pack – California Home 200g Activated Bamboo Charcoal Deodorizer Natural, Air Purifying Bags, Dehumidifier, Allergy-Free Filters, Odor Neutralizer for Home, Shoes, Car, Charcoal Colored