The design of this is great with one major flaw – as soon as I took it out the box my toddler opened it and put his hand inside. I hadn’t even opened the pail for him to see how to do it, it was obvious to him. You can’t access the actual inside of the pail but the receiving area where you drop the dirty diaper is just an unhygienic so I did not want this in my toddler’s room. A simple push button in the handle to allow it to operate would make this pail excellent but I had to return it as it just wasn’t toddler proof.

Stinks to high hell, chute clogs long before bag is full, stupidest idea EVER!!

I love that you don’t have to buy special bags for this. Very easy to use and change bags and it keeps the smell in. The only thing I would change is it could be a little bigger.

Very convenient and budget conscious that you can use regular trash bags. If only it didn’t stink to high heaven. We returned the product since we couldn’t deal with the smell.
Baby Trend Diaper Champ Deluxe, Grey/white