Fit as expected. Nice and lite ballet shoe.

Thin, loose and was told by her ballet instructor and the owner of the company that these are not professional ballet shoes and I would need to purchase Capizio (sp) brand as they have numerous styles and types of shoes and they are made to form to the foot and be snug. I was told to go to an actual ballet store for her to be properly fitted. Well at 6 yrs old IDC to much but if she continues I will certainly buy proper shoes.

My 5 yo daughter has wide feet and this ballet shoe is definitely made for it. Purchased a 10M and it is much too big for her but will keep it for when she grows into it. Although it is quite simple and nothing fancy, I just hope it doesn’t fall apart before she truly gets a chance to wear it. The stitching underneath is a bit loose, hence the 4 stars.

Really cute, and different from what the other kids use at dance class, but the canvas is a bit restricting for wider feet.
CIOR Canvas Ballet Slippers Shoes Yoga Dancing Flats (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)