Great texture. Does not hold on to lint. Easy to grab and hold for baby. Finger like extensions really worked for the teething baby.

Seriously, THE BEST teether. I bought this for my baby before she was born, and she couldn’t care less about it. Fast forward 6 months to her first two teeth erupting and she gnaws on this toy harder than a starving wolf with a delicious baby caribou leg.

My baby is about you months and teething. (Now) he has had this since he was 3 months. He adapted to it quick, easy to hold. Less fingers in mouth!!! This is definitely one of my forties for baby . I would highly highly recommend this for your baby!!! I purchased others before this and he got others through gifts but this is his go to!!! Other tethers make him cry.

My 3.5 month old loves this teeter! Huge hit 🙂 It’s a fantastic design and I love the material.
Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether, Blue