People are talking about hating this item because it feels like scrubbing with steel wool, but the texture is pretty much exactly what I want from a loofah – it’s rough, sure, but it exfoliates really well, in that regard. Potentially unrelated, but I used to suffer from eczema something fierce a few years ago, but ever since I started using this to wash myself with, I haven’t had any eczema outbreaks at all. I’d like to think it exfoliated/stripped all of the dead skin and oil that was causing the eczema to flare up.

Minus one star for the shape/size. Could certainly stand to be bigger and easier to hold.

These poufs are wonderful! You have the loofah on one side and the soft scrubby on the other side. Use with any body shower product (I prefer Dove Men +Care Extra fresh body wash) and it gets you refreshingly clean without making your skin all rough and flaky.

as described, quick shipping, thank you

Love this product for showering.
Dove Men+Care Shower Tool, Dual Sided, Pack of 4