After asking my friend how she suddenly had long, full lashes, she recommended me to this product. I thought she was wearing fake lashes! I’ve been using this occasionally for the past month, and even though I may forget to apply it more often than I would like to, I am seeing it work on my lashes too these days. The serum is easy to apply with the ultra fine tip, and is light enough to wear during the day, if preferred.

I just opened this product and discovered it had completely leaked out of the container. So considering that I ordered two and the order came to over $91.00, I am out over $45.00. Luckily the second container was still intact. So how do I get a new good container of this product – or a refund? I have used this product for several years and am happy with it. This is the first time I’ve had a problem.

This stuff actually works! I was skeptical for sure. My friend recommended it because her esthetician recommended it. After a few weeks, I noticed a big difference! Figured I would write a review since I ultimately made my decision based on the reviews.

**Tip: if you’re considering getting the eyebrow version of this stuff, apparently the formula is the exact same…you just get a different application brush. So I just use it on my brows instead of having to purchase both!

It does work
Grandelash GrandeLASH-MD (3 month supply) 2 Milliliter