Extremely poor (none) marking and organization of product. Online presence is a confusing mess of catchy names for products of different size and design without any model numbering or any useful way of associating accessories (like lids) with the containers. Turns out that the flask is also poorly designed as it is not well insulated and the lid that came with the flask is a very difficult fit. Not recommended. Not useful for storing hot or cold liquids.

the only issue…i asked for BLACK lids…ordered THREE. all THREE were GREY.

This is just replacements for my Hydro Flask bottle which is great.

Tnis lid acriallynhas suction unlike thr black vrrsion. My only complaint is that the mouth piece develops mold. Soaking it in bleach is a temporary fix. So you end up buying a lid every 1-2 months. Not good.
Hydro Flask Wide Mouth BPA-Free Insulated Straw Lid, Black