I will always have these in my kitchen, just so useful! You can’t hold anything for a super long time, but so much easier for getting things out of the oven, or cooking with cast iron fry pans where the handles get really warm. I drop less stuff coming out of the over than I do with standard pot holders since you can more easily correct your hand placement if anything starts to slip.

I had an Ov Glove that I’d about worn out but wanted a second so I could use both hands. I really like the old one and the new one with the non-skid material is OK but I never felt I was going to drop anything with the old one. It is a great invention and has replaced pot holders in our house. I think they are a little expensive but I am not complaining…it works and I like it.

These might be the best thing since sliced bread. I have threatened my husband with cruel and unusual punishment should they disappear from the kitchen into the shop, LOL. Having a bit of arthritis and having to use both hands to safely lift heavy items, I bought two of these. The grip allows for confident lifting. Check the instructions for the temperature it says they are good up to – it’s pretty high but double-check to be safe.

I would search hi and low for these gloves. When I’m wearing them, I don’t think twice about grabbing a hot pot or pan. I have given so many of these as gifts, especially to my relatives in Italy and they love them. The only thing you need to worry about is if it gets wet while you’re holding a hot item as the steam could burn you.
Kizad Scald-proof,Heat-resistant Microwave Oven,Heat-insulated,Oven Gloves, Great For Baking, Grill & Camping/Pack of 2 Blue