Quality set of headphones when compared to some of the other 7.1 capable sets out there. The price is wonderful for the sound that these are able to capture. I love that you can download the companion app for these from the Playstation store and upload the best settings to the headphones depending on the genre you’re using them for. I’ve used a set that my friend paid $300 for with 7.1 surround sound and I would never tell him, but I cannot tell the difference between his and mine which I paid $69 and shipping for all told. Great buy!

This headset has heard it’s fair share of profanity. It is comfortable for long gaming sessions and the sound is crisp and clear with great bass response. I use it for watching movies too and the fact that you can adjust voice volume independently of the other sounds is wonderful. It’s got no microphone boom so my wife can’t make fun of me for looking like a wannabe special forces operator. Highly recommended.

“Great Product, would recommend”

Do wish the battery life was longer. I wear these when I watch movies. I make it through two if I’m lucky, before I need to let these re-charge again. Maybe I should strap my battery packs to it…
PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset – Jet Black