I used the chart….my daughter wears a 2. I bought a 2-3 to my surprise its too small. Barely fits ….1/2 inch of heel hanging outwill leave it with a cuz when vaca ends.

Excellent value

I bought this in a size 6 for my 11 year old son. It is too small. My son could not push his foot all the way forward because the thong has very little give/clearance. Unless your child has really thin and bony feet, this flip flop will not fit well. I have purchased Reef flip flops for my son for many years, and it’s been fitting great before and it’s great quality because it lasts and doesn’t just fall apart like other cheap flip flops; I only buy new ones because he’s out growing the size. But I was regretful to have to return these. Come to think of it, his last pair kind of did the same thing because I would see his heel hanging off the back while the front of the flip flop still had lots of room. I just kept reminding him to push his foot forward because I thought it was just him wearing it wrong and didn’t think it was the thong being too tight. His prior pairs didn’t do that, so just be careful because Reef seems to be making this style of flip flops to have stiffer thong without much give.

So I love Reefs even though this pair didn’t fit my son but I own Reefs myself and I have a couple pairs over 10 years and they are still lasting me and are super comfortable. But the reason I’m giving this only one star is because the seller will charge you a lot to return. The seller will only cover return shipping charge if they made a mistake on the order. So I guess the reason that the shoe is too small is no fault of theirs, so they don’t cover the return shipping. I purchased this shoe for $30.04 and they only returned to me $20.04 and they don’t give you advanced warning; they withheld $10 which is over 30% of the cost of the shoe – that’s a lot! I communicated with them and they were kind about it, explaining that that’s the only way they can remain in business, so I guess it’s my fault for not looking at their policy before buying or initiating the return. So this is a warning to anyone buying from Outdoor Equipped: be careful if you might end up returning! Better to buy straight from Amazon or others like Zappos who have a good return policy than independent sellers who don’t have the sales volume to offer a friendly, penalty-free return, especially for shoes because who knows if it’ll fit well.

Excellent product, works as expected.
REEF AHI flip flop (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)