It’s pretty good but I bought one for my brother, and he bought one for me, and then my Uncle bought three of them for me and my brothers.

It’s good when you’re thirsty.

After speaking with some folks who already owned Rtic and Yeti tumblers, I treated myself to an Rtic. The Yeti is great too, but the people I spoke to couldn’t tell the difference in it’s performance. I am about to buy at least 3 more. I am totally in love with mine. I live in Florida, and work outdoors. It is such a treat to have a consistently icy drink! Something I hadn’t thought about is that with the ice melting incredibly slowly, I never have a watered down soda, and ice water tastes amazing in it with the consistent cold. Much more appealing when you need to drink a lot of water. Now I want them for my whole family. It will cut down on waste (They won’t drink anything after it is watered down), and encourage them to drink more water as well. VERY impressed with this product.. Ice remains in my cup for over 12 hours, easily.

Loved this product
RTIC 30 oz Tumbler, Kanati Camo