This is my favorite scrub – it smells wonderful, isn’t too harsh on my skin (I use primarily on my face), and my face feels very clean and refreshed after using.

This is an awesome product! Not at all greasy. Has sort of “whipped cream” consistency. It has really helped my suddenly dry skin (aging). Highly recommend it! Much better than many of the really pricey options.

Even though this product gets bad press, it still is good at softening the skin. We’ve been using this for a decade and haven’t noticed the problems that sometimes are associated with a rough/walnut based exfoliant. I only use it once a week.

I didn’t think it would be okay to use everyday because it contains salicylic acid, but it really is gentle enough to use daily. I’ve been using this for about a week now. I use it once every night when I shower, right after foam/pore cleanser. This leaves my skin extremely smooth and fresh-feeling, and I’ll definitely be buying this again!
St. Ives Naturally Clear Blemish and Blackhead Control Scrub, Apricot, 6 Ounce