Before purchased this spinner, I have never heard and seen it until my son told me which he saw his friend had been playing it and he really wants to have one. Now he is very happy and loved it so much. And it is really fun, solid and stay last longer! Great spinner ever!

Love this fidget spinner. You can spin this on desk, on hand, on floor, and etc. you can play with it while you walking, running, watching tv, talking on the phone, and etc. Spin anywhere anytime to have more fun.

this is the product is great. my son loved it so much. it is good build quality and very solid. I tried it, I found it was smaller hands to control it difficult .so my sun on the ground and let it move.

Well made. Very cool product. Nice little storage box.
U-Goforst Fidget Spinner Ceramic Bearing Fidget Toy with Gift Box- Spins Last for 2mins