I bought this as I needed to have it the top turn to the side rather than using this straight up. I have had this for a total of 3 months with disappointing results. After about 6 weeks it came unstuck from the wall. Apparently this device isn’t made to have the holder on its side. I replaced it when dry and a month later when I put it back into the holder, the mechanism flew apart so far that I couldn’t even find the pin that held it together. Purchased in October 2016 and as of January 2017, it was completely unfixable.

As advertised. Stays put.

Works well. Use this with the DN7105 Transfer Shower Bench. Provides secondary mount for the Aqua Sense 3 Handheld Shower Head.

Works good once you get it on right way. My husband can take his own shower now sitting down.
Changing Lifestyles Safe-er-Grip Portable Shower Arm