I can’t stand lipstick unless I am going out for a date or on the town for the night. I am a chapstick/lip balm type of girl for work. I found this brand by my dentist if you can believe it. He gave me a free sample and I loved the way it felt. I swear my lips feel softer after using it and it stays on longer than many other lip balms. I love the smoothness and the scents are amazing.

I ordered this pack of 24 because I wanted some that would last. The watermelon is my favorite scent, but cherry is a nice second. The package was nicely packed and came as expected.

I would recommend this to anyone with dry lips. The only thing I could say is I wish we could get the other flavors (citrus/kiwi-lime) in the full tubes instead of the quarter tubes, but I still love this stuff.

Will use in Blessing Bags product just as described

Did what I bought it to do.

A lot of product for a very reasonable price.
Chap-Ice Assorted Lip Balm (Pack of 24)