I hate my roomba. I have learned how easy it is to despise stupidity after living with a roomba. 4 days out of 5, it disappoints: stuck somewhere stupid. Cleans the same 8 square feet for 40 of its 45 minute charge. Tearing up rugs. Not cleaning corners. The Bin Full message when it’s empty. The meaningless tunes it plays which are impossible to map to their specific meanings. The bearings which catch more hair than the vacuum. Overpriced parts, and an expensive battery that needs replacing after 1 year. iRobot & their terrible customer service.

But most of all its utter, endless stupidity, and the near-daily irritation to coming home to whatever idiotic thing it’s done today.

It will be a wonderful day when I can finally drop this thing off a building a la Office Space. Please, competition, make a product that sucks in the *right* way.

Infra-red stopped working. It doesnt stop for light-houses, virtual walls, and cannot find its way back to the dock. I read other blogs and reviews online and see this is a common issue, but the warrantee only lasts one year, ive had it for 1.5 years… sad.

For the $700 dollars i spent i should have gotten a dyson and had money left over for a fancy 7 course meal with significant other.

A gift to myself. I love it!

I love this vacuum!!!!!!!!!!! This little miracle picks up dog hair and other dirt and debris like a pro!!!! We use the programmable feature to sweep the floors at night. We wake up to clean floors… Like other reviewers, I agree that the collection bin is small but once you get on a regular vacuuming schedule, the bin is sufficient size to hold a days worth of “stuff”. We have had it run every night for over a month now, I am still surprised at how much it picks up! It is important to position the bar stools and other furniture so that Roomba can get under them. We have a few area rugs, carpet and hardwood floors, Roomba can easily move from one type of flooring to another.
iRobot Roomba 880 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner