Perfect for my small condo!

It’s wobbly as heck and I could never find a frame that would support the weight in 5 different places I’ve lived now, I gave up with this junky ‘As Seen on TV’ crap and bought a power tower for 3x the cost and now I can actually do pullups as well as other exercises and I don’t have to worry about falling on my a$$. I gave mine away to Goodwill, this was a waste of time and money.

I love this iron gym. I had a roommate that had one and I finally had to get my own. It’s very easy to put together. The screws and bolts come together so no little pieces get lost. They have two longer bolts and two shorter bolts with no labels, but it’s easy to figure out once you start. After it’s assembled you can go to any doorway. The metal clip that wedges in the door frame is just a precautionary item and doesn’t hold your weight. The leverage holds your weight and it works great. I’m 4’9″ so I have to jump, but I can easily put it up and take it down on my own.

This thing rocks! your back will start to cut up and bow in less than a week!
Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar