Fantastic product. Absolutely love them. I’m extremely light sensitive (I get migraines frequently) and LEDs tend to be way too harsh for my eyes. These lights are great. They give off a warm tone, and the LED lights are not harsh. I highly recommend this product.

A d-light by day or night.

I love these little lights. They are great for any area of the home for ambiance.

So cute. Bright. Well made. My daughter really likes them.. not too young, not too old. Just right for a teenager’s room, but I would also use them in the rest of the home, too if she would ever give them up.

Battery life is long, so the lights do not seem to drain batteries too quickly. I do not like wires, so the battery pack works well with hiding them. I also recognized the quick turn-around on the delivery. Overall very pleased!
LED Globe String Lights,Goodia Battery Operated 10.49Ft 30er Silver Moroccan Lamp for Indoor,Bedroom,Curtain,Patio,Lawn,Landscape,Fairy Garden,Home,Wedding,Holiday,Christmas Tree,Party (Warm White)