Does not fit with 2004 Ford Mustang. Amazon says it does, but it doesn’t. I ended up just splicing the wires instead. Same end result, just not as pretty as a dedicated harness.

Polarity was reversed for a 2003 Taurus. Basically paid 5 bucks to splice my wires and for about $0.10 worth of wire and connectors. Luckily I bought a box of 3M Scotchloks that made it as easy as these adapters should have. Save yourself the money, you’ll be wasting time wiring it yourself anyways.

Easy installation and keeps wiring harnesses neat and out of the way!!!!

I used these to hook up my Rockford Fosgate Punch P1683 6×8 door speakers in my 2003 Ford F150. I needed to cut off the red ends off both the black and white wires to replace with larger connectors because the factory ends wouldn’t fit over the terminals on the RF’s. I’m glad I had some laying around. Other than that, they work great.
Metra 72-5600 Ford Speaker Harness 1998-UP