You cannot tandem breastfeed twins without this pillow. It’s great! They’re 5 months now and I still use it.

This pillow saved me the first couple months! I only have one baby but I love the space on this pillow. It really helps posture and is a life saver when you are sore and exhausted after delivery. I did remove the back strap after the first week as it is not necessary if your back has support in a chair. My daughter is five months now and I still use it.

This pillow is a life saver. Tandem feeding twins is not easy, but this pillow makes it very doable. I’ve tried to feed them several times without the pillow, and it’s much more difficult. The back support is amazing and helpful during long feeds. This pillow is a must have for moms who want to tandem breast feed.

Must have for breastfeeding twins! Would work well with a single baby also!!
My Brest Friend Twins Plus Deluxe Nursing Pillow, Green, 0-12 Months