I purchased 4 umbrellas to compare.

Description says it opens to 105cm (41.3 inches) but the diameter at its very tips only measure 38 inches!

The small diameter measures 36 inches (across from the flat to flat portion), so about the same size as most umbrellas.

It does pop open fully without having to push it open an it does pop close only having to retract the telescopic shafts back.

Rubber handle feels a little small (and I have small hands!).

Two other things, the strap that wraps around after closing uses hook and loop to secure and not a snap. I find that this wears out, especially being a small width strap.

Also the cloth cover is hard to slide over. I have another umbrella that has a cover that is split and uses hook and loop to secure around which is a lot easier to use and another that has a cover that is a little larger, so it slides over easy, even without the slit.

Have not tried it in rain yet. I might change my rating if it seems better or worse than what I usually use.

But so far, this one out of the 4 that I purchased seems to lack from the published description.
Sadun Windproof Travel Umbrella Golf Umbrellas, “Unbreakable” Lightweight 8 Ribs Automatic Windproof Canopy Compact Auto Open Close with Light Reflective