This outlet box definitely did not fit the larger items we needed to plug in like the picture showed. In addition, our 4 year old with special needs was able to rip the door off in a matter of seconds. I would not purchase again more recommend this product.

Easy to install.

My child is still under a year old so I can’t vouch for the durability or strength of the outlet but the fit and finish is nice. You certainly can fit large cords and adapters under this cover which makes it ideal for many semi-permanent situations where you leave cord plugged in most of the time. I only use these for outlets that must have cords plugged into them constantly (such as a lamp) when hiding the outlet with furniture is not an option. If you plug and unplug from the outlet often I would recommend another product instead of this outlet box: self-closing outlet covers.

Works as expected and installs easily.
Twin Door Outlet Box